The idea of cloud computing has become increasingly popular

However, many just think of it as ‘cloud storage’ only scratches the surface of what cloud computing and cloud infrastructure are;

Cloud Infrastructure refers generally to components such as hardware, abstracted resources, storage, and network resources required to make cloud computing work.

Spurbuddy has packages designed to help several organizations, corporations and even small businesses integrate cloud opportunities into product development investment decisions, market strategies and much more.

What exactly do we do?

Based on our wealth of experience and close relations with expert partners in cloud infrastructure and computing, we understand clearly where cloud is going in the next couple of years and the implication for companies for cloud solutions and enabling technology companies.

Several questions arise when the future of cloud arises.
Some of which revolve around these:

  • What are the biggest restrictions to cloud adoption and how can they be addressed by providers?

  • How would the demand of late cloud adopters differ from current users?

These are some questions we can address.

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