Web & Mobile Apps

Web apps are not real applications like (mobile apps). They are in fact websites that, in several ways, feel and seem like regular applications but are operated in different ways. Web apps reside in a device’s internet browser just as websites do; they do not have to be downloaded or installed and are universal across various platforms.

Web and mobile apps

Mobile apps are platform specific (they require unique designs for different mobile operating systems such as IOS for Apple’s Iphone and Android for Samsung devices), and have restricted access to your device’s internal tools ( such as its camera or GPS capabilities).

At Spurbuddy, our services are duly packaged and equally available on both web and mobile app platforms with the aim of ensuring your convenience in interacting with us throughout your transactions with us and even after.

With only slight variations to make your exploration interesting and worthwhile, they are easy to operate, activate and utilize applications and remember, they are there to cater for your every need, from wherever you are.

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